Practice & Policy Change

DVHCP teams have improved organization-level systems making trauma-informed changes to procedure, environment, and policies in both healthcare and advocacy settings, recognizing the needs of staff, patients, and clients.

DVHCP teams understand the power of collaboration. They have high respect for each other contributing to:

“Partnering with our local advocacy program has allowed our providers to have a greater understanding of domestic and sexual violence, has increased awareness of each other’s services, and changed the way we provide healthcare overall.”

—Behavioral Health Provider


  • Thousands of healthcare providers trained, over 1,000 participated in evaluation
  • Hundreds of DSV advocates trained, nearly 300 participated in evaluation
  • Training resulted in a twofold increase in provider and DSV advocate confidence in responding to DSV and survivor health issues, and making warm referrals to their partner organization


  • Confidence and trusting relationships are foundational in changing practice and policy to better address and respond to DSV and promote survivor health.